ACADEMIA SUPERIOR is an association based in Linz and supported by two main committees:

  • The Advisory Board consisting primarily of university representatives and academics from Upper Austria, other parts of Austria and abroad, and providing support on specific areas of activity.
  • A Board of Trustees whose members provide support and funding. The chairman is Josef Pühringer, Governor of the Federal Province of Upper Austria.


LH-Stv. Mag. Dr. Michael Strugl, MBA


ACADEMIA SUPERIOR is not just a tool for thinking about the future; it is an instrument for turning that future into reality a do tank as well as a think tank. We aim to attract the best and brightest: established academics with a strong international track record and an outstanding reputation.

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Markus Hengstschläger

Head of the Advisory Board

ACADEMIA SUPERIOR is a completely new breed of think tank. The Surprise Factors are central to our work and keep us from falling into a common trap: trying to play the oracle and predict the future like so many other think tanks. Our target is to analyse problems from an academic perspective in order to generate concrete proposals. We are living in a society that is less and less likely to play to the script and much more difficult to predict. But our Surprise Factors approach enables us to pinpoint the lessons of recent and present events. And that is what makes ACADEMIA SUPERIOR so exciting. Im proud that such a groundbreaking new concept has its roots in Upper Austria.

Dr. Claudia Schwarz

Managing Director

Surprises are relative. Things that meet someone unexpectedly may be a well-researched fact for someone else. ACADEMIA SUPERIOR is the interface between speculation and knowledge; between trend analysis and the conception of a sustainable future. As think tank it reframes problems, as do tank it searches for ways to translate knowledge into action. An interdisciplinary, open, and participatory working process guarantees that the result is more than the sum of its parts.





Information on the association:

ACADEMIA SUPERIOR - Gesellschaft für Zukunftsforschung
ZVR-Zahl 692228369

Location: Linz

President: LH-Stv. Mag. Dr. Michael Strugl, MBA
Vice President: Mag. Helena Kirchmayr
Treasurer: Alois Taferner
Recording clerk: Michael Herb, MA