Slow down to get better results

Carl Honoré suggests to do everything at the right speed – at the ‘tempo giusto’ – which means to do everything better and to enjoy everything more. Even though speed seems so profound in our time, to be faster is not always better. “People sacrifice a lot of good stuff in life on the altar of speed – human spirit, body, relationships or deeper experiences.” Honoré says that the “addiction to speed evolved due to the IT revolution”. In his view, Big Data blows away nuances, brings uncertainty and risks, predicts our future (which he regards as dehumanizing) and kills things we love by tracking and analysing everything.

Carl Honoré recommends to slow down in order to get better results: getting control of what the right time is, using fast shortcuts for slow things and using technology with a slow spirit.


  • “The most joyous form of time is when you forget time.”
  • “We have forgotten to switch off and to slow down.”
  • “We are hurrying in all aspects of life.”
  • “By slowing down, one eats, works and lives better.”
  • “By predicting our future you close other avenues.”
  • “What to do with the time we safe?”
  • “It is not enough to be individual we also need the social aspect in life”.
  • “Relationships between people take time. You can’t build it by uploading an App.”
  • “Preserve nature and live with it.”

Carl Honoré is bestseller author, journalist and author of the books “In Praise of Slowness” or “The Slow Fix”. Some people call him “spokesman on slowness”. He was an expert at our SURPRISE FACTORS SYMPOSIUM in Gmunden.