It is now part of our everyday life to be surrounded by high-tech products. There is hardly anyone who does not carry a smartphone in his or her pocket or whose car doesn’t gather modern IT-technologies. The ongoing digitalization and the slogan Industry 4.0 show us today, what the jobs of the future will be: the so-called STEM-professions (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Exactly in these fields we will need more well-trained men and women to develop the technologies of the future.

11,000 free STEM jobs by 2020 in Upper Austria

The Upper Austrian specialists-monitor (in German: Fachkräftemonitor) predicts that in just five years, there will be a shortage of 11,000 STEM professionals (over all qualification fields) in Upper Austria.
But how can we get youngsters more excited for technical and scientific jobs? Chairman Dr. Michael Strugl recommended in the discussion, that we have to start in three areas:

  1. We must make better use of our own potential and inspire e.g. more women for these professions
  2. We should start to design our curricula in a new way – from primary school to university
  3. We should try to bring more talents from abroad to Upper Austria

Other points from the discussion were:

  • Strengthen the Corporate Educational Responsibility – and foster a stronger cooperation between enterprises and educational institutions at specific projects.
  • Allow the youth to develop visions
  • Stop to emphasize what we already can do with our technologies – start telling young people what we can’t do – and tell them, that only they can solve these problems