Press dossier about ACADEMIA SUPERIOR

    We outline new paths for the future of Upper Austria ACADEMIA SUPERIOR – Institute for Futures Studies is a non-profit association with the mission of identifying and analyzing current challenges at a local, national and international level and deriving recommendations for action for decision-makers in Upper Austria.

    Recognizing Opportunities – Shaping the Future


    Thinking ahead and shaping the future
    In a world that is becoming increasingly complex, there is much to explore, to decide and to shape. This is why we need innovative and global perspectives for factual and future-oriented discussions.

    A Think Tank for Upper Austria

    ACADEMIA SUPERIOR identifies current challenges and is open and curious about the future. We create free spaces for innovative and creative thinking and encourage fact-based discourses and debates. The resulting recommendations for action open up new opportunities and potential for shaping the future. This is how our think tank turns into a do tank.

    Aims & Pathways

    ACADEMIA SUPERIOR is looking for the SURPRISE FACTORS, surprising developments that are often neglected but will significantly affect our future. With international expertise and a transdisciplinary approach, we show new perspectives, unhooked from the daily politics. A targeted look beyond the horizon opens up new horizons through unconventional approaches. This is how we identify the main issues and solutions for current and future challenges.


    The people behind ACADEMIA SUPERIOR are united by their commitement to the successful future of Upper Austria and its people. In 2010, president Michael Strugl and the academic director Markus Hengstschläger founded the think tank. The office is located at the Science Park of the Johannes Kepler University of Linz and is headed by Claudia Schwarz.

    A Network in Science, Business and Politics

    The Academic Advisory Board consists of members from various disciplines in research and science from Austria and abroad. This diversity guarantees a 360° view on new developments. The Board of Trustees, chaired by Governer Thomas Stelzer, consists of renowned Upper Austrian businesspeople. They support the idea behind ACADEMIA SUPERIOR.

    President: Deputy Governor Mag. Dr. Michael Strugl, MBA
    Academic Director: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Markus Hengstschläger
    Executive Director: Dr. Claudia Schwarz
    Chairman of the Board of Trustees: Governor Mag. Thomas Stelzer


    Young people are an integral part of the wor of ACADEMIA SUPERIOR. As our YOUNG ACADEMIA, young people offer an alternative perspective and discuss their concerns on an equal footing. Creative ideas and new approaches rise from this endeavour. Young people are thus made aware of the challenges of the future while older generations are made aware of the prospects of young people.

    Discovering the opportunities of the future together

    Recognizing and shaping the future works best in exchange with others. With this conviction we deliberately cooperate with others and operate in an international and regional network of “future partners”. This is how we keep up to date and always approach new perspectives openly.


    ACADEMIA SUPERIOR processes the opportunities of the future from different perspectives and with a holistic approach. Accordingly, we are not limited to preconceived topics, but address relevant topics of all kinds. Especially through this interlinked point of view and the combination of content new persectives and scopes of action unfold.

    Bringing in knowledge from the outside

    ACADEMIA SUPERIOR invites experts from all parts of the world to share their knowledge and apply it to Upper Austria. From these diverse and globally dispersed perspectives, ideas and examples, new solutions for regional challenges emerge.