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Leadership in turbulenten Zeiten Studie

Leadership in turbulenten Zeiten

Was passiert wenn plötzlich Märkte kollabieren (Finanzkrise 2007), Kriege Absatzmärkte vernichten (Russland-Ukraine-Krise) oder technologische Revolutionen etablierte Kernkompetenzen entwerten (Übergang zum Smartphone)? Überraschend entstehende Brüche im Wettbewerbsumfeld stellen Führungskräfte vor große Herausforderungen. Wie verhalten sich...
On the podium: Elisabeth Eidenberger (OÖN), Michael Strugl (Academia Superior), Brigitte Haider (Oberbank), Wolfgang Güttel (JKU), Thomas Windischbauer (Silhouette)

Leadership in turbulent times

In a cooperation with LIMAK Austrian Business School, a team around Wolfgang Güttel - head of the Institute for Human Resource & Change Management at the Johannes Kepler University Linz - examined, how business...
Study: Leadership in turbulent times

12 Rules of Thumb for good Leadership

In a cooperation between ACADEMIA SUPERIOR and LIMAK - Austrian Business School, a team headed by Professor Dr. Wolfgang Güttel (Institute for Human Resource & Change Management at the Johannes Kepler University Linz) examined...
Meinhard Miegel

What if no one undertakes anything anymore?

On May 4th, we discussed, what entrepreneurship has to provide for the future and what it takes to be successful. How do you act in an entrepreneurial manner in a world where growth is no...
Alan Webber at the  Symposium 2014

We need to transcend borders

We live in a world with borders. More so, we live in a world that is defined by borders. Borders are responsible for how we live, how we think and how we act. There...
Markus Hengstschläger at the Symposium 2014

Crossing borders pays off

The SURPRISE FACTORS SYMPOSIUM in march 2014 marked the beginning of the fourth year in the history of ACADEMIA SUPERIOR. Once again, international experts, members of our Academic Advisory Board and students exchanged their...
Erich Gornik at the Symposium 2014

What do we learn from crisis?

The main topic of this year’s symposium, "Beyond borders,“ may affect all aspects of life. The world is experiencing an unprecedented period of global peace today. The threats of our time are not wars...


For the fourth time, the SURPRISE FACTORS SYMPOSIUM took place in 2014. The chief event in ACADEMIA SUPERIOR"s schedule attracted numerous guests who came to the Toscana Congress Gmunden, looking forward to experiencing live...
The Young Academia at the Symposium 2014

The Crisis can be a New Start

In forefront of the SURPRISE FACTORS SYMPOSIUM, students from various disciplines gathered together to discuss our this year main theme "Beyond Borders - The Strength to Emerge from Crises“. Six of them brought the...
Karel Schwarzenberg at the Symposium 2014

Europe must not become Venice

Karel Schwarzenberg, born in 1937, has seen many political boundaries emerge and disappear in his life. Schwarzenberg is rooted in the whole of Central Europe and therefore "boundless". In 1989 Schwarzenberg was awarded the...
11.12.2019 17:00 - 18:30

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