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On the podium: Burton Lee, Michael Strugl, Julia Eschelbeck, Johann Čas, Matthias Fink, Christoph Wurm

Lessons from Silicon Valley for Upper Austria

New innovation strategies and technologies such as artificial intelligence were the topic of the expert talk with Burton Lee. "The global economic competition between locations is determined by the capability for innovation." With this statement,...
FutureTalk with Meinhard Lukas, Alois Ferscha, Michael Strugl, Manuela Macedonia, Michael Shamiyeh and presenter Thomas Winkler


An entirely new format for discussions is the FutureTalk, which is organized by Bezirksrundschau together with ACADEMIA SUPERIOR. It enables a thematically free and unrestricted discussion by renowned representatives from Upper Austria's economy, science...
Markus Hengstschläger at the Symposium 2015

From Good to Great is Step by Step

“The Journey to the Best“ – Why choose a theme like that for a federal state that can hold its ground in mid-field quite well against international players? Why not simply be satisfied with...
Meinhard Miegel

What if no one undertakes anything anymore?

On May 4th, we discussed, what entrepreneurship has to provide for the future and what it takes to be successful. How do you act in an entrepreneurial manner in a world where growth is no...
Jens-Uwe Meyer on the topic of "Radical Innovation"

Radical Innovation: Opportunities for the Upper Austrian Economy

At the ACADEMIA SUPERIOR event "Radical Innovation: Opportunities for the Upper Austrian Economy" hosted by SIEMENS Linz, the German author and innovation researcher Jens-Uwe Meyer spoke on the culture of innovation and discussed how...
Strategy Forum Radical Innovation

Radical Innovations and Disruptive Technologies

Taking the permanent changes and dynamics of the economy and society into account, ACADEMIA SUPERIOR is constantly observing new topics, questions and developments and tries to put them up for discussion in the Upper...
09.02.2021 09:00 - 10:30
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