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Blick in den Factsheet Global Shift

Factsheet | Global Shift

Eine tektonische Plattenverschiebung der Weltwirtschaft ist in vollem Gange. Die ökonomischen, kulturellen und politischen Machtzentren der Welt shiften zurück in Richtung Osten. Was sind die Fakten?
Einblick in die Publikation: Internationalize it!

Oberösterreich internationaler machen

Immer mehr Studierende und Fachkräfte aus aller Welt folgen dem guten Ruf heimischer Hochschulen und Arbeitgeber und kommen nach Oberösterreich. Doch die meisten von ihnen verlassen die Region wieder nach dem Ende ihrer Ausbildung...

Internationalize it!

How to attract and keep International Students and Professionals in Upper Austria? More and more students and professionals from all over the world are attracted by the reputation of local universities and employers and move...
Gabriel Felbermayr, Gerhard Wölfel, Günter Kitzmüller, Michael Strugl, Stefan Doboczky, Michael Aschaber und Moderator Klaus Obereder am Podium

Global Shift – It’s shifting everywhere

The year 2010 has been a turning point in global history: For the first time in the last 200 years the USA and European Union together generated less than 50% of the worlds GDP. Emerging...
On the podium: Elisabeth Eidenberger (OÖN), Michael Strugl (Academia Superior), Brigitte Haider (Oberbank), Wolfgang Güttel (JKU), Thomas Windischbauer (Silhouette)

Leadership in turbulent times

In a cooperation with LIMAK Austrian Business School, a team around Wolfgang Güttel - head of the Institute for Human Resource & Change Management at the Johannes Kepler University Linz - examined, how business...
Study: Leadership in turbulent times

12 Rules of Thumb for good Leadership

In a cooperation between ACADEMIA SUPERIOR and LIMAK - Austrian Business School, a team headed by Professor Dr. Wolfgang Güttel (Institute for Human Resource & Change Management at the Johannes Kepler University Linz) examined...
FutureTalk with Meinhard Lukas, Alois Ferscha, Michael Strugl, Manuela Macedonia, Michael Shamiyeh and presenter Thomas Winkler


An entirely new format for discussions is the FutureTalk, which is organized by Bezirksrundschau together with ACADEMIA SUPERIOR. It enables a thematically free and unrestricted discussion by renowned representatives from Upper Austria's economy, science...
Meinhard Miegel

What if no one undertakes anything anymore?

On May 4th, we discussed, what entrepreneurship has to provide for the future and what it takes to be successful. How do you act in an entrepreneurial manner in a world where growth is no...
Presentation of the  OÖ. Strategy for KMU und Familienunternehmen

Upper Austrian Strategy for SMEs and family-owned businesses 2030

In economically challenging times, due to their high adaptability and resistance to externally induced crises, SMEs have an important function for the regional economy. To highlight this importance for the region of Upper Austria,...

Entrepreneurial Spirit in Upper Austria

What can be done to encourage entrepreneurship? ACADEMIA SUPERIOR and Junge Wirtschaft Oberösterreich discussed this issue with experts from the local start-up-scene. Innovative start-ups are necessary for the future development of Upper Austria and for...
09.02.2021 09:00 - 10:30
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