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Looking at the whole picture

We live in a time when not only the future, but also our idea of the future is rapidly changing. Digital technologies are increasingly influencing our world. On the one hand, this makes the...

Fact Check: AI, machine learning and the black box

The terms artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning are often used interchangeably, which does injustice to the development in the field. AI is already over 60 years old. Initially, it usually meant machine...

Participating instead of watching

It is obvious that the next generation of “digital natives” – people who have not known a world without the Internet – have a completely different approach to algorithmic and AI-driven predictions, influences and...

Steering the predictors: it‘s up to us to decide

Advanced data analytics allows researchers to recognize patterns, predict outcomes, assign probabilities. Robots equipped with artificial intelligence can read human expressions and feelings, diagnose disease, simulate a personal response, recommend remedies or actions. What ramifications...

Dealing responsibly with technological progress

How much technological progress does society tolerate? Will artificial intelligence, self-learning algorithms, advancing digitization and robotics moving forward make our future truly predictable? And what will all this do to us? In two days...

Susanne Gaschke: There is only one right

It’s very difficult to recruit younger readers to paper because the propaganda against papers was “whoever reads papers is not up to date technologically”. But nowadays we see that there are also some advantages...

Michal Kosinski: You are the product

If you are a heavy user of a smartphone, that’s how you are leaving your digital footprints. If you throw your smartphone away, you are excluding yourself from social networks, from the ability to...

Nadia Magnenat Thalmann: Robots support us humans

Nadine was recognized as the most realistic robot in the world because she is really a copy of me and my daughters and the second thing that was new is that she can simulate...
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