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Old Prejudices – New Opportunities

Those who retire today are looking at another 20 healthy years with great potential and numerous opportunities. However, old age is fraught with prejudice. The potential of active aging has not yet arrived in...

From a demanding society to a society of values

At a roundTABLE event, ACADEMIA SUPERIOR discussed discussed consumerism, a prevalent all-risk-insurance mentality, and a lack of self-esteem and responsibility in our society. Demand thinking currently seems widespread: the more you have, the more everything...
RoundTABLE with Walter R. Mead

Democracy is the most entertaining form of government

Pre-elections have only just started in the U.S. and they arouse interest all over the world. Walter Russell Mead shared insights on the candidates’ standings and various viewpoints as well as their possible impact on...

Europe and the United States need each other

At the roundTABLE with Lee Brudvig from the U.S. Embassy Vienna the future of transatlantic cooperation was discussed in light of the recent media coverage on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Program (TTIP). Europe and...

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