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Alan Webber at the Symposium 2015

Reflections on the journey

Good to Great – Reflections on the Journey The quest to go from good to great is a challenge that applies to almost every organization and at almost every level. It can be a call...
Markus Hengstschläger at the Symposium 2015

From Good to Great is Step by Step

“The Journey to the Best“ – Why choose a theme like that for a federal state that can hold its ground in mid-field quite well against international players? Why not simply be satisfied with...
Norbert Brunner at the Symposium 2015video

Authenticity and Honesty: The Way to Perfection

Norbert Brunner was one of the experts at this-year SURPRISE FACTORS SYMPOSIUM “From Good to Great” in Gmunden. Norbert Brunner in the interview: As an artist, I think about going from good to great as a...
Herta Steinkellner at the Symposium 2015video

Creativity and niches: Excellence in research

Molecular biologist Herta Steinkellner describes the path to the best from her own experience as a path of courageous decision, passion and the search for niches. She was one of the experts at the...
Oswald Metzger at the Symposium 2015video

Transparency and fertile unrest: A better democracy

The political maverick from Germany and one of the experts at the SURPRISE FACTORS SYMPOSIUM “From Good to Great” 2015, Oswald Metzger, recommended an transparent and open dialogue between politicians and citizens in order...
Sue Campbell at the Symposium 2015video

Vision and Empowerment: Better never stops

The British sports-administrator Baroness Sue Campbell was one of the experts at the SURPRISE FACTORS SYMPOSIUM “From Good to Great” 2015. She explained that you have to define clear goals and to follow those...
The Young Academia at the Symposium 2015

Education, Innovation, Failure and Focus: What Upper Austria needs

In a workshop prior to the SURPRISE FACTORS SYMPOSIUM, students from various disciplines discussed this year’s topic. Three of them joined the discussion at the SYMPOSIUM as this year’s YOUNG ACADEMIA and contributed their...


At the beginning of ACADEMIA SUPERIOR‘S fifth operational year, we opened an academic discourse to answer the question about how to take the ascent to join the circle of the best. In discussions with...
Helmut Kramer at the Symposium 2015

Encouragement, learning, happiness and performance

This year’s symposium was based on the principles developed by John Collins in his widely publicized book “From Good to Great”, 2001, which aim to generate top results in economic as well as social...
Students Workshop 2015

YOUNG ACADEMIA Workshop – From Good to Great

In February 2015 ACADEMIA SUPERIOR invited young students to a workshop on the topic of the SURPRISE FACTORS SYMPOSIUM. Together with the Head of our Advisory Board, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Markus Hengstschläger, they worked on different...
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