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Photo 1: Markus Hengstschläger, Hannes Androsch, Barbara Herzog-Punzenberger und Moderator Benedikt Polzer © APA/ Florian Lechner

Education, Diversity and Progress belong togehter

„Diversity is everywhere and challenges us. We need to use the resources from various fields and built strength,"  said ACADEMIA SUPERIOR President und Deputy Governor Michael Strugl at this year's fireside chat in the...
Group picture Dachsberger Zeitgespräche 2018

We educate the future

What will classrooms look like in ten years? Why do teachers still need it if there is artificial intelligence? What will children learn in the future and what can a just education system look...
Students and experts of the workshop

The Future of Education

Students from Dachsberg gymnasium are developing visions on the future of education in a new cooperation project with ACADEMIA SUPERIOR. The project started with a workshop at JKU Linz. The young people are supported...

Internationalize it!

How to attract and keep International Students and Professionals in Upper Austria? More and more students and professionals from all over the world are attracted by the reputation of local universities and employers and move...
Thomas Brezina in DIALOG

The Singularity of Otherness

Renowned author of children's and young people's books Thomas Brezina was guest of 2014's second DIALOGUE with Markus Hengstschläger. They talked about how our society needs to make use of the opportunities held by...

The average trap: genes — talents – opportunities

Markus Hengstschläger presented his new bestseller in Linz: Don't fall into the average trap and don't waste a single talent! "How can we prepare for questions of the future which we do not know? Not...
09.02.2021 09:00 - 10:30
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