Markus Hengstschläger presented his new bestseller in Linz: Don’t fall into the average trap and don’t waste a single talent!

“How can we prepare for questions of the future which we do not know? Not by striving for our children to be average or to attract attention. We need peaks and freaks who take new paths.” With pointed and provocative statements the geneticist and best-selling author Markus Hengstschläger fascinated the audience when presenting his new book “The average trap: genes – talents – opportunities”. Around 290 people followed the invitation of ACADEMIA SUPERIOR – Institute for Future Studies at VKB Kundenforum in Linz, among them a number of well-known people from politics, economics, and academia. “We cannot afford to waste a single talent, so our education system should focus on the strengths of children rather than their weaknesses. Of course, every child has to have a certain amount of general education but an emphasis should be put on promoting talents rather than finding weaknesses, as is practiced in our educational system at the moment.”

Mag. Michael Strugl, president of ACADEMIA SUPERIOR, shared similar ideas in his welcoming address: “The average will not help us to cope with the challenges of an unknown future. We need new ways, which our ACADEMIA SUPERIOR is trying to show.” Strugl also mentioned that a little bit of ACADEMIA SUPERIOR is woven into this new bestseller: Hengstschläger included the findings from some of the dialogues he led for ACADEMIA SUPERIOR with prominent personalities such as general music director Franz Welser-Möst, coach Hans Pum, quantum physicist Anton Zeilinger, and former State Opera director Ioan Hollender.

“Landord” Dr. Albert Wagner, CEO of VKB, was delighted that his institute had been chosen for this book presentation. As president of the foundation “talents”, which is dedicated to the promotion of talents in Upper Austria, finding talents is very important to him, too.