Is the world out of control?
Unexpected political decisions, the weakening of the European Union by Brexit, the apparent insolvability of religious and world-political conflicts, terrorist threats and a populist heated crisis of confidence in existing systems challenge the world in 2017.

Although we can measure, monitor, and control more than ever before, we are faced with increasing incalculability, insecurity, fear and disorientation.

At the 7th SURPRISE FACTORS SYMPOSIUM, we discussed the question, if the world is getting out of control, with extraordinary personalities and tried to explore ways that help us to regain more confidence and control for our future.

War, photos and democracy
Andrea Bruce told us about her work and showed us, where there is control in the chaos of war.

Suprises in politics – the Brexit
Brian Griffiths, who is pro Brexit, talked about about what our societies and welfare states need today.

Disruption in the media-business
Kai Diekmann talked about the future of (social-)media and how the business has to transform itself. He thinks: it’s gonna be digital, but print wont die.

Expect unpredictability
Paul Lendvai was sure: we can not really learn from history, we have to be prepared for the unpredictable.

Democracy is not a spectator-sport
Alan Webber tries to find out for years how democracy works and how we can save it. Here is what he knows.