Renowned author of children’s and young people’s books Thomas Brezina was guest of 2014’s second DIALOGUE with Markus Hengstschläger. They talked about how our society needs to make use of the opportunities held by otherness.

Brezina and Hengstschläger co-wrote a children’s book revolving around a group of kids who are outsiders at school due to them being different than their schoolmates. In the course of the story, these kids are able to turn their perceived disadvantages like ADHD, allergies or dyslexia into assets that enable them to save the day.

Brezina pleads that kids should be enabled to find and exercise their talents and passions instead of adults trying to mould them according to their own expectations.

Thomas Brezina is an Austrian author of children’s and young people’s books, puppet theaters, screenplays and audio books, as well as a TV-moderator and director. He is one of the most successful authors of books for children and young people in the German language. Brezina’s books have been translated into 35 languages. He lives in Vienna and London.