A Practical Guide to the Future

In a fast moving world, businesses need to keep up with data analysis and pattern spotting to identify future opportunities. Anne Lise Kjaer presents a unique methodology for global trend spotting along with practical tools and approaches to help companies and organizations analyse market changes and determine the way ahead. The toolkit includes features such as ‚How to create your own Trend Atlas‘ and ‚How to Use Trends in Action‘, alongside case studies and profiles of previous research projects for major organizations. She encourages readers to become market leaders rather than followers, by developing a ‚future-orientated mindset‘ to interpret contradictive influences and identify trends as they emerge.

At the right you can find a reading sample from the new book „The Trend Management Toolkit – A Practical Guide to the Future“


  • Trend forecasting methods
  • How to spot trends and make sense of them
  • Understanding and using a Trend Toolkit
  • How to create your own Trend Atlas
  • Navigating the future, plus major trends to 2030+
  • Future scenarios – tomorrow“s consumers
  • Practical trend mapping & how to build the business case
  • Trend Management in action & industry case studies

Anne Lise Kjaer is CEO and founder of the British Future and Trend Research Agency Kjaer Global Ltd. International well known as futurist, trend researcher and author.

Born in 1962 in Denmark, Kjaer studied Design and founded the future research agency Kjaer Global Research Agency in 1988.  Kjaer and her team already worked for companies such as IKEA, Swarovski, Sony, Nokia and Toyota.
In her studies Kjaer focuses on key developments in the social sciences, Global Studies and the areas of technology, transportation, urbanism, design and environment.

Based on a unique method Kjaer Global developed a future management toolkit which helps companies and organizations to work out successful future strategies.