Measuring the Future

Is human behavior becoming more and more predictable through the combination of intelligent algorithms and the digital footprint? What are the consequences of this development? These questions were at the center of discussions at...
Michal Kosinski at the Plenum 2019

Is Privacy an Illusion?

Artificial intelligence and digital technologies were the focus of the 9th Surprise Factors Symposium of ACADEMIA SUPERIOR. The invited experts discussed the risks and opportunities of technological developments and the use of data that...
Philipp Blom at the Symposium 2018

Thoughts on our discussions

Three distinct personalities, three very different experiences, three perspectives on courage. During our conversations it emerged that courage can mean different things to different people. What struck me most about speaking to Manal al-Sharif is...
Markus Hengstschläger at the Symposium 2018

The decision for more courage lies with us

In which situations do we prove courageous today? How much courage do we need for our future? And what does it actually mean to be courageous? In two intense days of work we explored...
Stefan Ruzowitzky at the Symposium 2018video

Stefan Ruzowitzky: Let’s leave our comfort zone!

I always felt that as an Austrian and as grandson of grandparents, some of whom were party members and passionate Nazis, at some point in your life as a storyteller you should do something...
Manal al-Sharif at the Symposium 2018video

Manal al-Sharif: When you see injustice, speak up!

My story really is simple. I found myself in a challenge. I was a Saudi woman, living in Saudi Arabia. I was a single mom, I was working as an engineer paying my rent,...
Aeham Ahmad at the Symposium 2018video

Aeham Ahmad: Make your own decisions!

I was born a refugee in Syria and then I had to flee again – a refugee twice over. I grew up in Yarmouk camp as a Palestinian in Syria. My father, who is...

Courage is the Foundation for Progress

Roughly 700 people met three courageous personalities at the 8th SURPRISE FACTORS SYMPOSIUM of ACADEMIA SUPERIOR: "Every change needs courage, because you have to leave familiar patterns of thinking and structures. The worst thing in...
Brian Griffiths at the Symposium 2017video

Lord Brian Griffiths of Fforestfach – Political Control

The feeling that politics has everything under control - that is what people want, explains the British politician and vice-director of Goldman Sachs International. The interview edited by Alan Webber. Disruption in economic life in...
Andrea Bruce, Documentary photographer, USA, at the Symposium 2017video

Andrea Bruce – Going into Chaos

In crisis regions, normality is in short supply. Nevertheless, people learn to live with it, the US-American war photographer tells. The interview edited by Alan Webber. I’ve been a photographer for the past 20 years...
03.06.2019 19:30 - 21:00

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