Michal Kosinski: You are the product

If you are a heavy user of a smartphone, that’s how you are leaving your digital footprints. If you throw your smartphone away, you are excluding yourself from social networks, from the ability to...

Measuring the Future

Is human behavior becoming more and more predictable through the combination of intelligent algorithms and the digital footprint? What are the consequences of this development? These questions were at the center of discussions at...
Michal Kosinski at the Plenum 2019

Is Privacy an Illusion?

Artificial intelligence and digital technologies were the focus of the 9th Surprise Factors Symposium of ACADEMIA SUPERIOR. The invited experts discussed the risks and opportunities of technological developments and the use of data that...
Foto Factsheet Blockchain

Factsheet | Blockchain

Blockchain ist ein digitales Protokoll für Transaktionen. Kopien im Netzwerk schaffen Transparenz und verhindern Manipulation. Die Art und Weise, wie wir in Zukunft Verträge und Geschäfte abschließen, kann sich damit grundlegend verändern. Was sind...
Markus Hengstschläger, Martina Mara and Sepp Hochreiter at the fireside-talk

Trust me, I’m a Robot

Robot-psychologist Martina Mara and AI-expert Sepp Hochreiter discussed with Markus Hengstschläger and students in the context of the European Forum Alpbach, whether mankind should rely on artificially intelligent systems. Robots must still earn trust Smart technologies...
On the podium: Burton Lee, Michael Strugl, Julia Eschelbeck, Johann Čas, Matthias Fink, Christoph Wurm

Lessons from Silicon Valley for Upper Austria

New innovation strategies and technologies such as artificial intelligence were the topic of the expert talk with Burton Lee. "The global economic competition between locations is determined by the capability for innovation." With this statement,...
FutureTalk with Meinhard Lukas, Alois Ferscha, Michael Strugl, Manuela Macedonia, Michael Shamiyeh and presenter Thomas Winkler


An entirely new format for discussions is the FutureTalk, which is organized by Bezirksrundschau together with ACADEMIA SUPERIOR. It enables a thematically free and unrestricted discussion by renowned representatives from Upper Austria's economy, science...
At the Podium: Günther Vormayr (Landesschulrat OÖ), Axel Greiner (IV OÖ), Curt Michael Stoll (Festo AG), Catharina Paukner (Cambridge Nanosystems), Michael Strugl (Academia Superior) und Erich Gornik (Universität Wien)

How to get young people interested in technology

It is now part of our everyday life to be surrounded by high-tech products. There is hardly anyone who does not carry a smartphone in his or her pocket or whose car doesn't gather...
Herta Steinkellner at the Symposium 2015video

Creativity and niches: Excellence in research

Molecular biologist Herta Steinkellner describes the path to the best from her own experience as a path of courageous decision, passion and the search for niches. She was one of the experts at the...
Meinhard Miegel

What if no one undertakes anything anymore?

On May 4th, we discussed, what entrepreneurship has to provide for the future and what it takes to be successful. How do you act in an entrepreneurial manner in a world where growth is no...
11.12.2019 17:00 - 18:30

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