The Annual Report of 2015 provides an overview of all activities by ACADEMIA SUPERIOR in the past year.

ACADEMIA SUPERIOR’s fifth year of oper­a­tion was once more marked by the inten­sive exam­i­na­tion of issues that will be cen­tral to the future of Upper Aus­tria. Sev­er­al of the main top­ics of recent years were revis­it­ed and ana­lyzed from new angles. From there, even stronger rec­om­men­da­tions for action were devel­oped for local decision-makers.
For its fifth anniver­sary, ACADEMIA SUPERIOR reviewed pre­vi­ous themes from scratch, nar­rowed them down in „Future 5.0 – Hand­book for Future Mat­ters“, and ini­ti­at­ed a dia­logue about them.

Nine major issues of the future are con­densed in a handy for­mat, accom­pa­nied by the new plat­form, which offers a quick online test on one’s own “future type”. In the sur­prise blog, these top­ics will be fur­ther dis­cussed with experts.
As always, the SURPRISE FACTORS sym­po­sium took place in March. This time the dis­cus­sions focussed on the ques­tion of how one can rise to the top.
Two high-pro­file aca­d­e­m­ic DIALOGUE ses­sions with Markus Hengstschläger attract­ed more than 800 vis­i­tors to the Linz Cas­tle in June and November.

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