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Measuring the Future

Is human behavior becoming more and more predictable through the combination of intelligent algorithms and the digital footprint? What are the consequences of this development? These questions were at the center of discussions at...
Michal Kosinski at the Plenum 2019

Is Privacy an Illusion?

Artificial intelligence and digital technologies were the focus of the 9th Surprise Factors Symposium of ACADEMIA SUPERIOR. The invited experts discussed the risks and opportunities of technological developments and the use of data that...
Carl Honoré at the Symposium 2013

Big Data — Slowness

Slow down to get better results Carl Honoré suggests to do everything at the right speed - at the 'tempo giusto' - which means to do everything better and to enjoy everything more. Even though...
Gayatri Patel at the Symposium 2013

Big Data — Access to Information

We have to start to build up more trust Big Data is access to information. Access to information means "to prepare for the future, to get greater clarity and accuracy, to get better answers, solutions,...
Rudi Klausnitzer at the Symposium 2013

Big Data — Opportunities and Risks

Big Data is a chance for getting better insights Big data is too important a topic to leave it to people in mathematics and information sciences. Big Data affects policy, society and business - it...
Academia Superior – Gesellschaft für Zukunftsforschung