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The throw-away mentality is obsolete

Courageous role models inspire people. That is why ACADEMIA SUPERIOR and Frauen im Trend launched the women4future-talks. Two Upper Austrian MUTmacherinnen, who are pioneers in their fields, were brought in front of the curtain....
FutureTalk with Meinhard Lukas, Alois Ferscha, Michael Strugl, Manuela Macedonia, Michael Shamiyeh and presenter Thomas Winkler


An entirely new format for discussions is the FutureTalk, which is organized by Bezirksrundschau together with ACADEMIA SUPERIOR. It enables a thematically free and unrestricted discussion by renowned representatives from Upper Austria's economy, science...
Meinhard Miegel

What if no one undertakes anything anymore?

On May 4th, we discussed, what entrepreneurship has to provide for the future and what it takes to be successful. How do you act in an entrepreneurial manner in a world where growth is no...
Academia Superior – Gesellschaft für Zukunftsforschung