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Anne-Lise Kjaer

The Inclusive Economy & Tomorrow’s Global Citizens

In economical challenging times SMEs, due to their high adaptability and resistance to externally induced crises, have an important function for the regional economic. To reflect this importance for the region of Upper Austria,...
John L. Casti at the Symposium 2014

X‑Events — essential for human progress

Only societies which have confidence in their institutions are resilient John L. Casti is an American mathematician and system theorist. He is senior research fellow at the Stevens Institute of Technology in New York and...
Anton Zeilinger at the 1th SURPRISE FACTORS SYMPOSIUM

Anton Zeilinger: Limits of Predictability

Questions like: What is knowing? Where are the limits of predictability? Are there limits to causality? are dealt with in this discussion with Anton Zeilinger. He talks about surprises, the applicability of his research...
Academia Superior – Gesellschaft für Zukunftsforschung