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Foto Factsheet Blockchain

Factsheet | Blockchain

Blockchain ist ein digitales Protokoll für Transaktionen. Kopien im Netzwerk schaffen Transparenz und verhindern Manipulation. Die Art und Weise, wie wir in Zukunft Verträge und Geschäfte abschließen, kann sich damit grundlegend verändern. Was sind...
On the podium: Burton Lee, Michael Strugl, Julia Eschelbeck, Johann Čas, Matthias Fink, Christoph Wurm

Lessons from Silicon Valley for Upper Austria

New innovation strategies and technologies such as artificial intelligence were the topic of the expert talk with Burton Lee. "The global economic competition between locations is determined by the capability for innovation." With this statement,...
At the Podium: Günther Vormayr (Landesschulrat OÖ), Axel Greiner (IV OÖ), Curt Michael Stoll (Festo AG), Catharina Paukner (Cambridge Nanosystems), Michael Strugl (Academia Superior) und Erich Gornik (Universität Wien)

How to get young people interested in technology

It is now part of our everyday life to be surrounded by high-tech products. There is hardly anyone who does not carry a smartphone in his or her pocket or whose car doesn't gather...
Academia Superior – Gesellschaft für Zukunftsforschung