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At the Podium: Günther Vormayr (Landesschulrat OÖ), Axel Greiner (IV OÖ), Curt Michael Stoll (Festo AG), Catharina Paukner (Cambridge Nanosystems), Michael Strugl (Academia Superior) und Erich Gornik (Universität Wien)

How to get young people interested in technology

It is now part of our everyday life to be surrounded by high-tech products. There is hardly anyone who does not carry a smartphone in his or her pocket or whose car doesn't gather...
Presentation of the study on generation politics

10 Theses on Generation Policy

"Demographic change" is a concept that is familiar to everyone and its consequences are becoming more and more visible lately. For that reason, ACADEMIA SUPERIOR assigned the task to write a study on "Fundamentals and...
Thomas Brezina in DIALOG

The Singularity of Otherness

Renowned author of children's and young people's books Thomas Brezina was guest of 2014's second DIALOGUE with Markus Hengstschläger. They talked about how our society needs to make use of the opportunities held by...

Summa Summarum 2011

Summa Summarum, the annual report of ACADEMIA SUPERIOR is out. It gives an insight into the events and topics of 2011 and provides an outlook on how issues are continued to be pursued in...
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