The World needs Trust and Control

At the Surprise Factors PLENUM, Michael Strugl, Paul Lendvai, Kai Diekmann, Lord Brian Griffiths, Alan Webber, Andrea Bruce and Markus Hengstschläger gave insights into the many things that seem to be out of control in the world.

Control is good, Trust is better
“The greater the upheavals, the greater the uncertainty. It is therefore no wonder that, as a result of recent developments such as terrorist attacks in Europe, the Brexit, the election of Donald Trump to the US president, Fake News, etc., many people feel that our world is threatening to get out of hand”, emphasized Landrat Dr. Michael Strugl in his function as chairman of ACADEMIA SUPERIOR – Insitute for Future Studies, last night at the Toscana Congress in Gmunden.

In front of 700 visitors Univ.-Prof. Dr. Markus Hengstschläger, scientific director of ACADEMIA SUPERIOR discussed the topic of “Out of control” with the journalist and author Paul Lendvai, the former editor-in-chief and editor of the German newspaper Bild Kai Diekmann, the former consultant to Margaret Thatcher Lord Brain Griffiths, the international war and crises photographer Andrea Bruce and the former editor of the Harvard Business Review Alan Webber.