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David Katz at the Symposium 2011

David Katz: Translate Knowledge into Action

Knowledge is not power. The big challenge is to translate knowledge into what people routinely do. Functional knowledge should help people make good and healthy decisions. In this interview, David Katz outlines possibilities to...


Newly presented: The SURPRISE FACTORS SYMPOSIUM REPORT 2011 At the press conference on July 8, 2011, the REPORT of the SURPRISE FACTORS SYMPOSIUM 2011 was presented. Conclusion: ACADEMIA SUPERIOR provides impulses, looks beyond borders, provides...
Janne Teller at the first SURPRISE FACTORS SYMPOSIUM

Janne Teller: Learning through Literature

Janne Teller talks about questions like: Why do we need literature? Where does the desperation of young generations come from? Which claim for truth do non-fiction and fiction have? Why is the question about...
Kevin Warwick at the Symposium 2011

Kevin Warwick: The Human-Machine Upgrade

Artificial intelligence, implants: The merging of human and machine has begun a long time ago. As one of the pioneers in this field Kevin Warwick had cumputerchips implanted himself and talks from his own...
Jesus Crespo Cuaresma at the Symposium 2011

Jesus Crespo Cuaresma: Limits of abstraction

Jesus Crespo Cuaresma works on socio-economical meta-models, which include the blur of individual models. They should provide more exact predictions and produce concrete strategies for action. However, in how far can the world be captured...
Anton Zeilinger at the 1th SURPRISE FACTORS SYMPOSIUM

Anton Zeilinger: Limits of Predictability

Questions like: What is knowing? Where are the limits of predictability? Are there limits to causality? are dealt with in this discussion with Anton Zeilinger. He talks about surprises, the applicability of his research...
Karin Kneissl at the Symposium 2011

Karin Kneissl: Roots of Change

The Middle East expert Karin Kneissl talks about the roots of the revolutions in Tunesia, Egypt, and Libya and tries to find out which factors have enabled and influenced change. A surprise in the...
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