We have to start to build up more trust

Big Data is access to information. Access to information means “to prepare for the future, to get greater clarity and accuracy, to get better answers, solutions, products, services, to be more efficient and successful, to create new perspectives, to come up with different choices and options – to get closer to the truth”.

To get information about people and to provide people with relevant information one needs as much data as possible. Gayatri Patel says that “people should share much more”. Therefore ‘trust” is essential. She recommends “to build up more trust between those who are giving and taking data”. Only by trusting each other and sharing with each other will Big Data continue to be a great opportunity for the community. (see: Mindmap: Gayatri Patel)


  • “We get better solutions and better products.”
  • “To manage time is to set a pace and to prioritize.”
  • “Big Data enables a more strategic decision-making.”
  • “The exchange of data needs to be more open.”
  • “We have to have some global framework.”
  • “What is your private identity? Is it what you see, or what the others see?”
  • “‘Private” is a definition of society; it is a dynamic definition.”

Gayatri Patel is an expert of data analysis and director of Ebay. She was an expert at our SURPRISE FACTORS SYMPOSIUM in Gmunden.