Big Data is a chance for getting better insights

Big data is too important a topic to leave it to people in mathematics and information sciences. Big Data affects policy, society and business – it holds opportunities and risks. In Europe the tendency is to look at the danger, in the US people focus on the opportunities of Big Data.

To expand the opportunities we should not only have guaranteed ownership and accuracy of our private data but also an equal opportunity in access to data; therefore we need a consensus in society for certain regulations how to handle Big Data. (Mindmap: Big Data – Rudi Klausnitzer)


  • “We are getting a microscope on society.”
  • “We are more and more able to predict developments.”
  • “We have to take the chances of Big Data to avoid the dangers.”
  • “Big Data strengthens the strong and weakens the weak.”
  • “Wer die Zukunft kennt, dem gehört sie.”
  • “Big Data wird stattfinden, mit oder ohne uns.”
  • “In meiner Jugend gab es nur Chancen – heute ist es viel schwieriger.”

Rudi Klausnitzer is media-manager, entrepreneur and author of the book “Das Ende des Zufalls: Wie Big Data unser Leben vorhersagbar macht”. He was an expert at our SURPRISE FACTORS SYMPOSIUM in Gmunden.